Gabe Lowry is a Los Angeles-based recording engineer, mixer & producer.


   He has been playing, studying, writing, recording, touring, and making noise in some fashion or another since discovering his mother's piano at age 6.  From studying music theory, taking lessons and playing in rock and punk bands since the age of 13 - to guitar in jazz ensemble (in High School and College), he has been interested in making music that moves people.


   Recent artists he has produced, mixed and engineered include:  Dr. Boogie, Black Mambas, Jo Dog & Paul Black's  SONIC BOOM  (The Dogs D'Amour, The Mau Mau's, The Joneses), The Claws, Michael Wildwood (D Generation) and Sara Melson.

   Gabe attended Musician's Institute's Audio Engineering and Post Production programs to learn acoustics, signal processing, and to get hands on experience operating large format in-line recording consoles such as Neve and SSL.  He learned from great mixers, producers and Grammy award-winning engineers Francis Buckley  (Black Flag, Aerosmith) and Dave Isaac  (Marcus Miller, Luther Vandross, Eric Clapton). 

   Upon graduating, he interned as a mix engineer at the 'Mix Room' in Burbank for owner/mixer,  Ben Grosse  (Flaming Lips, Ben Folds, Marilyn Manson) and chief engineer Paul Pavao.

   Today Gabe is an engineer at Fox Force Five Recorders in Hollywood, CA working for Grammy award-winning producer & engineer,  J.J. Blair  (Rod Stewart, June Carter Cash, Johnny Cash, Smokey Robinson, Weezer, Tommy Stinson, Reese Wynans)

   Gabe also works out of his own studio: Hear To Eternity Recorders, located in Echo Park. They recently finished a complete studio build that took the first 5 months of this year.  The control room features classic studio designs: no parallel surfaces, extensive sound proofing and a separately framed 'room within a room' build with air gap in between. Bass trapping, QRD diffusion and broadband absorption provide great control and balance. Coupled with Trinnov's ST2 hardware system, the room is amazingly accurate and
almost completely flat (+/- 1dB) down to 35 Hz. All new electrical and HVAC was also installed, giving comfort and clean power. Finally, the studio is armed with a hand-picked selection of high quality analog and digital gear to form a "Best of" hybrid system.


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