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Jan ~ April 2019

It's been busy these last 4 months...

I've been simultaneously working on 3 different records, all LPs - respectively for the Claws, Paul Black & Jo Dog's SONIC BOOM, and the Blessings.

At the beginning of the year we started back up putting the final touches on the recordings for the Sonic Boom LP.  Happily I already mixed half the record at the end of last year and I'm currently finishing the remaining mixing now.. very stoked about this record!

Recording has been going great with the Claws as well.. we have long since finished basics with the whole band, all gtrs, and recently all vocals. Looking forward to overdubbing additional instrumentation soon.

We started the Blessings record at the end of January and picked up in March with guitar overdubs. We're getting ready to lay down more songs for the record..

And finally, I just finished recording and mixing an EP for Danny Coda that Dave Collins just mastered for us, which I love - great songs!  Now, back to work, quite literally.

Adios Amigos


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